Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn image

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Whether this is your first or fourth, it’s a special time for you and your family so capture this moment. They are only this little once! We get it, having a newborn can turn your world upside down and it can be a challenge leaving the house. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you get ready! 

  • Book your session early. Newborn photos are ideal when your baby is between one and six weeks old.
  • If possible, feed your little one right before you leave the house. Full and sleepy babies are the most cooperative.
  • Fussiness can happen! Make sure to bring items to comfort your infant including a pacifier, favorite blanket, and anything necessary for feeding.
  • Bring extra outfits in case of spit ups.
Style Tips
  • Keep it simple. Consider dressing your baby in a onesie, diaper, or swaddle blanket. We carry a variety of wraps, so ask your photographer beforehand.
  • Accessories for the win! Consider bringing a headband, bow tie, or a beanie hat.
  • Personalize your session by bringing in a favorite toy, family blanket or heirloom. 
  • This is a memorable time for the whole family so parents, come prepared to join in the session.
  • View our baby gallery for more inspiration!
Next Steps
  • We have a wide variety of baby announcements that we can create after your session so be sure to have your baby’s weight, length, and other details handy.
  • Before you leave, schedule your baby’s three-month, six-month, nine-month and first birthday photos. Life gets busy so booking these milestone appointments ahead of time will help!

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